More About A Name Change

There are basically two elements to consider for the new name. We have the WHAT and the WHERE. Currently, the what is “Masonic Association.” We had this name since about 2010. This name was chosen by the craft because it was thought the old name caused confusion on the part of younger Masons about what the organization was all about and whether or not they were allowed to attend. Previously the name was “Masters and Wardens.” which name existed since the late 1980’s. Furthermore, people who were not Masons back in the 80’s have called it Masters & Wardens without the “Association” to this day. So, this initiative to change the name seems to me a good time to consider changing the WHAT back to “Master & Wardens” with a modifier to designate location.

Now, for the modifier, or location designation, the WHERE. There have been a few recommended in the previous post below. Due to the redistricting legislation to become effective after the next Annual Grand Lodge Communication in May we will no longer be the 11th and 12th Districts. We’ll instead become the 8th and 9th Districts. So, we have to change this part of the name. Here are the suggestions made so far.

Northeast Florida | NEFL | River City | Jacksonville | Bold City |

First Coast | 1st Coast | 8th & 9th Districts

Other thoughts are that we are welcoming other lodges further west into our new districts and some of them might not identify with the various names for the city of Jacksonville or even the 1st Coast. Additionally, St. Augustine has a lodge that identifies with several of the names and it is not in our districts. One brother pointed out the we might upset Pittsburgh with Bold City (tic). Also, consider the length of the name for correspondence and writing checks. Shorter is better in this case. Most importantly, if we drop a reference to the districts, we won’t be forced to make a bylaws change the next time the Grand Lodge decides to make changes to the districts. I’ve been a Mason for only 25 years and without moving, I’will have been in 3 different districts as of this latest legislation due to redistricting.

We will likely be balloting on this name change at the next 11th and 12th Districts Masonic Association Meeting. If you have thoughts to share I would suggest commenting on this post, or attending the next meeting to express your views on the topic. You may comment here by clicking this link, “Leave a Reply“.

Contributed by; RW Patrick Farrell


Here below is the dialog I captured from our group on FB in relation to the discussion at the monthly meeting last night. I’ve captured the dialog just to make sure to get some of the members thoughts on a new name. I’ll post separately the summary of these comments.


Name Change – Masonic Association 11th and 12th Districts by secjaxmasons on Scribd

Contributed by: RW Patrick Farrell

2017 Masonic Association Meetings

2017 Masonic Association Meetings

January 25th Ribault Lodge No. 272

February 22nd Arlington Lodge No. 309

March 22nd Ionic Lodge No. 101

April 26th Orange Park Lodge No. 267

May 24th Stafford Caldwell Lodge No. 342

June 28th Callahan Lodge No. 32

July 26th William B. Barnett Lodge No. 187

August 23rd Ezra No. 126

September 27th J. Wendell Fargis Lodge No. 356

October 25th Hyde Park Lodge No. 370

November 15th Oceanview Lodge No. 408

December 20th Albert J. Russell Lodge No.126


I believe that being a worshipful master of any lodge is one of the toughest jobs a brother can pursue. The reason I believe this so strongly comes down to a simple principle; everyone who attends Lodge, or those who don’t attend Lodge regularly, has their own definition of what it means to be a good master.  Think about it, every brother has their very own personalized and polished concept of what a master should and should not do to be effective. And therein lies the problem, every Brother measures there master by their own definition. You could probably see where this is going.  Most every brother who has called me worshipful master has measured my calling by their definition.

This is why I believe a great number of masters are stricken with internalized anger, frustration, burnout, and cynicism. No, you’ll likely never see it, or at least you won’t see it until the bitter end it arrives, when he’s ready to resign and walk away.

Is every master bitter, angry, frustrated, and cynical? No of course not, but every master faces these discouraging cycles quite often throughout his year, and there is something you can do about it – yes there is something you can do, and you can start today.

Encourage your master, because I can promise you, you do not actually encourage him as much as you think you do. Your encouragement lives in your mind, but it rarely finds its way to your mouth. It’s human nature, and we all make the brutal mistake of encouraging someone in our minds but failing to encourage them with our words. Speak life into your masters bones and speak it often.

Give him permission to be the man God has called him to be without projecting into his life your definition of what his calling should be. Yes, you have leadership concepts that you believe are central to the lodge, and that’s good. However, your master is not going to fit precisely into your job description. Can you imagine having 47, or more!, different job descriptions? That’s manic, and yet it’s what a master deals with daily, so be easy on him. You can be the one person where, when his phone rings and he sees your name, he doesn’t think, good gosh. What now?

I can promise you, your master is a good man. Yes, he’s imperfect, yet in all of his imperfections, he’s doing what he feels is best to lead you and your lodge toward a meaningful obligation. Be easy on him…

Samuel Bennett, PDDGM

Update on RW Wilmer T. Atwell


I visited with Nobel R.W. Wilmer T. Atwell today at Brooks Bartram room
#203. Wilmer asked me to let everyone know he misses them and that he is
doing his best to be back among us soon, God willing. He’s a firm believer
in abundant prayer. Wilmer has lost a lot of weight and speaks real soft,
but he enjoys visits from the craft. His new scheduled release is December
26th. His cell phone is nearby 904 318-1158

Fraternal Regards,
Sam Bennett, PDDGM
Chaplain, Morocco Shrine.

President’s Message – November 28, 2016

My Brothers,

As was brought up at the end our November meeting, attendance and involvement seems too have dropped off. We had 59 Brothers in attendance that night, certainly not one of our better attended meetings. I know there are those that would say they forgot we moved it to the third Wednesday on November and December. There are those that would say they were preparing for the holidays and could not attend. My Brothers it is disappointing to not being afforded the opportunity to fellowship with so many of you Brothers as we have in the past. I would hope if you did not attend the November meeting that you give us the opportunity on December 21st (first day of winter by the way) to “Break Bread” and fellowship with you. That being said I would like to invite EVERY BROTHER within our respective present (11th & 12th) and future (8th & 9th) districts to join us on the third Wednesday in December for our last meeting of the year and to fellowship with one another again. We will be holding our annual election of officers followed by their installation. This will be preceded by some awards for Gavel attendance and recognizing our two new Masons of the Year.

Secondly, publish our meeting in your respective Trestle-Boards. Also, submit to have your Lodge’s activities on the Associations web site ( calendar. Email your activities (Degrees, Fund Raisers, Installations) to to have them included into the calendar. Currently December and January are essentially blank and I know there are one or two installations going to be happening around the district. We are bringing the site up to being current and relevant again. Anyway we hope to see as many Brothers from as many Lodges as possible in December.

W:. Dave Thomas
2016 President
11th & 12th Masonic Association

President’s Message – November 9, 2016

My Brothers,

As a reminder, for the months of November and December, the Association meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month vice the fourth Wednesday due to the holidays. I noticed looking through several Trestle-Boards that it was listed as TBD or not at all. The November meeting is on the 16th at William B. Barnett Lodge No 187 (supper at 6:30 and meeting at 7:30) when we will be discussing nominations for officer positions in the Association. December’s meeting is the 21st at Oceanview Lodge No 408 where we will be electing and installing our 2017 Association Officers. WMs please inform the Craft of our meetings and encourage them to join us in fellowship.

For those Lodges wishing to host a meeting in 2017, if you have not done so already, should contact W:. Bruce Hill (Assoc. Vice President) and see what months he has left available, if any.

W:. Dave Thomas
11th & 12th District Masonic Assoc.

Praying For A Bold Future As In Days Gone By

I have only one thing to say about our current situation in Florida; our fraternities (plural) need some power. We do not need new aprons, or new jewels, or new members, nearly as much as we need new power. We do not need new buildings as much as we need some spiritual life in the buildings we already have. They have Masters, Past Masters, and Right Worshipful, Right Honorable, but they don’t seem to have any power beyond the walls where they operate. They have Associations, Units, Clubs with all kinds of activities, but they cannot, or we will not, alter the circumstances in the lives of potential candidates who are sitting just outside the doors of most of our particular lodges. All the while the community is run by the drug dealers, the street corner pimp, and the teen-age high school dropout with a hoodie on his head and his pants sagging so low that his underwear, and sometimes his backside, are clearly visible.
I am asking every one of you to Pray to God that something sparks our fraternity to new power. I am praying that God gives us the power of the men who paved the way of our fraternity. I am praying that God gives our degrees, our reunions, our ceremonials, our festivals, and our work & instruction New Power. I am praying that God wakes us up and bring us alive so that our fraternities will have the power that is needed to tackle the problems that surround us all across this state, particularly in your own lodge. Have you noticed that fewer and fewer men are getting involved, or even showing up? We invite, and they don’t come. I think I may have one reason why. Some don’t feel “qualified” to be among so-called “perfect” masons, we know very few guys at our lodge and we don’t make friends easily.
On top of that, stuff isn’t going right, and it’s embarrassing. We need to get face-to-face, eye-to-eye and just get to know each other. We all need another man to cover our back. Quit always sitting with your click. Move around and communicate. Now I know that many members of most lodges would want to appear to be “cool”, “calm” and “collected.” But we need to receive the spirit of God that can set a fire inside of our souls that will melt our “cool” away and set us ablaze for the cause of Freemasonry. WAKE UP GUYS! I want that boldness, and I hope that you want it as well. I hope that all of us want to have the power, and the boldness, and the desire to share our ideas and live openly for that further light that we all seek. AMEN! ?

Fraternal Regards,

R.W. Samuel H. Bennett
District Deputy Grand Master
11th Masonic District of Florida