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Update on Child ID Program – by Brother Todd Jennings

Dear Brethren,

The Masonic Child ID Program has had some changes in the recent months. All volunteers must have an approved Child ID back ground check and must be listed on the Grand Lodge of Florida website Child ID back ground list.

If you had a back ground check through your lodge in the past 4 years you don’t need to submit a back ground form but do need to have your Lodge Secretary E-mail M:. W:. Richard Lynn, Grand Secretary, with the details of name and when the back ground check was performed. Child ID back ground checks are good for 4 years and must be renewed every 4 years.

A Masonic Child ID back ground check waiver is provided here for people who wish to volunteer. This form must be sent to M: W:. Richard Lynn, Grand Secretary. The easiest way to accomplish this is to print the form, fill it out, scan it and E-mail it to M:. W:. Richard Lynn, at  the other options are fax to (904) 632-3865, hand it to a Child ID Coordinator or deliver to Grand Lodge. The back ground check is performed and paid by the Grand Lodge of Florida.

Who can volunteer? People with a Masonic association, including Masons, their wives/ladies and children. Each will need a back ground check. Children under 18 years old will need their parent’s approval by having the parent’s signature.

Also, please download the Child ID Volunteer form which is for the Child ID Coordinators use only. This form is important for the Coordinators. It provides details of how to contact you and for us to know when the best opportunity for you to volunteer is. This is a new form and our old call tree is out of date. We ask everyone that wants to volunteer to print the form, fill it out, scan it, E-mail it to  or hand it to one of the Child ID Coordinators. Coordinators are always at the 11th & 12th Association Meetings and can accept it there.

The list of volunteers who have completed the background check screening can be found at this link. BUT, BEFORE YOU CLICK ON THAT LINK, notice that it will open in a new tab and to get back to this site you will have to close that tab or navigate to this tab (If you didn’t follow, don’t worry. Just close your browser, open a new one and go back to the site)

Child ID Coordinators:

W:. Bill Crime, Zone 3 Masonic Child ID Chairman

W:. Chris Glass, Masonic Child ID Committeeman 11th Masonic District

Bro. Todd Jennings, Masonic Child ID Committeeman 12th Masonic District

Thank you for your Child ID service in the past and hopefully we can grow and gain more volunteers as we move forward.


Bro. Todd O. Jennings,

Masonic Child ID Committeeman 12th Masonic District


The two documents mentioned above are available at the links below:

1. Child ID Background Check Waiver

2. Child ID Volunteer Information Sheet