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New Section of the Website


You may have noticed a few emails I sent out yesterday evening in which I could not contain my excitement in discovering yet another way to help our lodges get the word out about happenings in the lodges. Some secretaries have responded and shared their Trestleboards. We began using a new tool, well new to us anyway, to post documents online and make them available to a wide audience regardless of computing platform (PC , Mac, Windows, Linux) or browser (IE 7-10, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

You will notice a new heading, “Trestleboards,” in the navigation column on the left of this article. When you mouse-over that heading you will see a listing of those lodges who have shared their trestleboards. There are even some outside the 11th and 12th Districts. I’m considering a few options for formatting. But for now we’ll just keep it simple.

At this point, it’s pretty simple for me to upload a trestleboard that I receive via email from someone representing that lodge. It only takes a few seconds to go through the process and post it. At some point this will become an onerous task. Imagine one trying to post 300 trestleboards once a month. But for now, it’s manageable. The beauty of this idea is that it’s scalable. As we grow the work, I can teach representatives from each lodge to post their own Trestleboard to their own account and the TB’s will be automatically shared with the appropriate locations. Imagine that the Secretary posts the TB on his account which only takes a few seconds and it’s automatically pushed out to all lodge members, the Grand Lodge, whatever social websites you choose to interact with and wherever else you can imagine.

We live in exciting times!



Patrick Farrell, PDDGM

Junior Grand Deacon
Secretary, Masonic Association
11th and 12th Districts


“Let’s Learn To Communicate Better Together!”