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Food for the Soul – Health, Wealth and True Happiness!

Tai Chi Gung May 16  <- Click here or see the flyer below.

Here it is Brothers! The event you’ve heard about and have eagerly anticipated since you first heard Master Lama Rasaji speak at our monthly meeting in February at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Jacksonville. In case you need a refresher you may view this link. It will open another window or tab in your browser depending upon your settings.

This event is open to any guests you choose to invite and certainly to all Master Masons and their families; FC and EA’s as well. We will gather in Orange Park Lodge’s Fellowship Hall and Master Rasaji will lead us through the basic exercises which will condition the practitioner to perform the Tai Chi Gung short form, sometimes call “The Dance.” This gathering will last about 90 minutes and Master Rasaji will be available for questions. He will share with us the purpose and proper performance of the exercises and tell us how it affects our health. In addition, Master Rasaji will have available for sale at a very special promotional price (you save the shipping) of $45 his DVD which demonstrates the exercises and as a special added bonus for this event, those who purchase the DVD will get a copy of his book, The Circle of Chi, which describes in detail how Tai Chi Gung addresses your Health, Wealth and True Happiness. It covers such topics as chi (life energy), mind, breath, movement, nutrition, work, money, friendships and nature. You will find the information very useful in your daily life.

If your health is the most important thing in your life, you don’t want to miss this event. If it’s not the most important thing in your life then you might want to make sure you think about that. Without your health, what is there?

Just so we can get an idea of how many people will be there, please email or call me to let me know you will be coming. It is NOT NECESSARY to RSVP but it will help us out. If it’s the last minute and you just found out about this, don’t let that stop you. Come on anyway.

Don’t forget that we will also be doing a Food Drive for the Second Harvest organization. Bring a couple food items. Preferably the ones listed on the flyer. If you can’t bring or don’t have time to obtain food items, we recommend a $10 donation which will be converted to food and passed along to the local food bank.

Call or contact me if you have questions. I look forward to seeing you there.

Patrick Farrell, PDDGM

Junior Grand Deacon
Secretary, Masonic Association
11th and 12th Districts

“Let’s Learn To Communicate Better Together!”