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Saturday August 3rd promises to be very busy

My day starts shortly after sunrise when my Lady Rose and I will be heading to Wesconnett Lodge No. 297 for a great Masonic Breakfast. Check out their Trestleboard for the details.  After a bit of fellowship I’ll be heading off to do some Tai Chi Gung and enjoy the outdoors. Then around lunchtime, Rose and I will join some friends and Masonic family at Temple Lodge for their Annual Shrimp Boil. Following lunch we’ll likely have to do a bit of walking to get through the nappy time of the afternoon. It’s the time around 1 or 2 PM when the chi begins to change it’s flow and wind down under the influence of the moon. That will likely involve some walking, or perhaps sitting and breathing. But, we’ll soon be headed to the Morocco Shrine Auditorium for what promises to be a fun event, The Mark Brunell Supper!

This is going to be a truly astounding Masonic day. Come join all or part of the fun and support the lodges of the 11th and 12th Masonic Districts. See you there!


Temple Lodge 23 Annual Shrimp Boil

Shrimp Lovers!! You gotta check this one out. I have a couple friends I brought to this event last year and they have been asking ever since then about the next occurrence. This is it!! All the information is contained in the flyer. Notice the time is 1pm to 4pm. Plenty of time to get there early and then still make it out to hear Mark Brunell speak at our exciting Dinner/Supper event that evening. Details available here.

Incidentally, this flyer was very nicely done. I can’t claim the credit for that. It’s our brothers at Temple Lodge who put it together. Come on out and support them in their efforts.

Temple Lodge Annual Shrimp Boil

Morning Coffee

Good Morning Brothers,

I’ve been doing a bit of research lately into water. There are a number of video links in this article. Clicking on them will open the video in a new window/tab depending upon your browser settings. I recommend reading the article first and for the overall theme and then go back and look at the videos as you have time available.

We all know that our bodies are largely composed of water, approximately 70%, or more, according to some estimates. After the last few days of rain it would seem we have plenty of it. But, we’ll be wishing for more during the next dry spell, whenever that is. I read some time ago a recommendation by a Medical Doctor who’s name I do not recall that there is a specific time to drink water that is most effective for weight control. He recommended a minimum of eight (8) glasses of water a day to be consumed as follows. Immediately upon waking take two (2) glasses to rehydrate the body after sleep and to help awaken the vital organs. Drink one (1) glass prior to a meal. Then the other three (3) throughout the day. It has been my practice to refrain from further water consumption after 7:00 PM to reduce the likelihood of unscheduled but necessary nocturnal visits to the water closet. I have followed this regimen for close to a year. However, I’m now making some changes based on new information (well, new to me anyway).

My research was sparked by a video I saw just a couple days ago. You can check it out right here. As I listened to this Indian Mystic, Sadhguru, I picked up on a few very interesting pieces of information. Modern science has confirmed what ancient yogi’s have known for thousands of years. Water has memory and is affected by the environment as well as human thoughts. Sadhguru said in his interview that westerners are doing a couple things wrong as it pertains to our consumption of water. First, he says that one should never drink water straight from the tap. Due to all the violent action of the water treatment plant as well as the sharp angle turns and near instant accelerations in the pipes, water has changed its structure and directly out of the tap it is harmful to the body. The water will settle itself down after sitting for 20 minutes or so. Therefore, you should at least allow that rest period. Master Rasaji has made a similar recommendation, “Drink the best quality water you can find and first allow it to be within your body’s electro-magnetic field (within 6 or 7 feet of your body) for at least 15-20 minutes prior to drinking it.” This includes bottled water as well.

Another very interesting thing was brought up in the interview with Sadhguru. He makes brief mention of a technology called an imploder. Of course I had to find some information about that as well. The imploder is a mechanical devise that uses an specially designed water jet nozzle which incorporates the “Golden Ratio” – a whole other subject for study and understanding. Suffice it to say that the golden ratio is as the root of life throughout our universe. It’s also found in many ancient structures such as The Pyramids and more. The imploder also uses very powerful magnets designed with this golden ratio. The combination of the vortex action as well as the powerful magnetic field changes the structure of the water to make it easier for living organisms to absorb the water molecules. See how this hydroponic farmer has increased his production and reduced his costs for a modest investment.

This path of research led me to investigate water filtration methods and a whole host of products and recommendations to make water more drinkable. I found many filters and systems which claim to take out all the toxins in water and either keep the desirable minerals or replace them after the exhaustive filtering. This all comes down to some very basic changes in my approach to drinking water. It is still recommended to consume several glasses of water in the morning and throughout the morning. Of course, my morning coffee will remain a part of the plan. I won’t however be drinking water directly from the tap anymore. This includes public drinking fountains. And, when I first bring water into my presence, I shall shower it with postive thoughts and give thanks for it being available. I’ll keep an eye on the imploder technology. It is less than 5 years old but promises to be a good thing. Should any of you want to discuss water treatment systems I have a few recommendations in that area as well.

I hope this was worth your time. It certainly was well worth mine.



DDGM Schedule for 12th District


Here is the schedule for RW Jeff Foster’s visits to lodges in the 12th District. They have been added to the calendar.

01 July         Orange Park Lodge #267

15 July         Riverside Lodge #167

16 July         Duval Lodge #159

23 July         Wesconnett #297

01 August    J Wendell Fargis #356

06 August    Albert J Russell #126

15 August    Mandarin #343

27 August    Ribault #272

01 October   William B Barnett #187

02 October   Stafford Caldwell #342

07 October   Temple Lodge #23

15 October   Arlington #309

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