Praying For A Bold Future As In Days Gone By

I have only one thing to say about our current situation in Florida; our fraternities (plural) need some power. We do not need new aprons, or new jewels, or new members, nearly as much as we need new power. We do not need new buildings as much as we need some spiritual life in the buildings we already have. They have Masters, Past Masters, and Right Worshipful, Right Honorable, but they don’t seem to have any power beyond the walls where they operate. They have Associations, Units, Clubs with all kinds of activities, but they cannot, or we will not, alter the circumstances in the lives of potential candidates who are sitting just outside the doors of most of our particular lodges. All the while the community is run by the drug dealers, the street corner pimp, and the teen-age high school dropout with a hoodie on his head and his pants sagging so low that his underwear, and sometimes his backside, are clearly visible.
I am asking every one of you to Pray to God that something sparks our fraternity to new power. I am praying that God gives us the power of the men who paved the way of our fraternity. I am praying that God gives our degrees, our reunions, our ceremonials, our festivals, and our work & instruction New Power. I am praying that God wakes us up and bring us alive so that our fraternities will have the power that is needed to tackle the problems that surround us all across this state, particularly in your own lodge. Have you noticed that fewer and fewer men are getting involved, or even showing up? We invite, and they don’t come. I think I may have one reason why. Some don’t feel “qualified” to be among so-called “perfect” masons, we know very few guys at our lodge and we don’t make friends easily.
On top of that, stuff isn’t going right, and it’s embarrassing. We need to get face-to-face, eye-to-eye and just get to know each other. We all need another man to cover our back. Quit always sitting with your click. Move around and communicate. Now I know that many members of most lodges would want to appear to be “cool”, “calm” and “collected.” But we need to receive the spirit of God that can set a fire inside of our souls that will melt our “cool” away and set us ablaze for the cause of Freemasonry. WAKE UP GUYS! I want that boldness, and I hope that you want it as well. I hope that all of us want to have the power, and the boldness, and the desire to share our ideas and live openly for that further light that we all seek. AMEN! ?

Fraternal Regards,

R.W. Samuel H. Bennett
District Deputy Grand Master
11th Masonic District of Florida

2 thoughts on “Praying For A Bold Future As In Days Gone By

  1. Harold Hal Harder

    you hit the nail on the head. No commitment I don’t have time I served my time I have heard them all. join us at riverside on Monday the 17 TH as we discuss our future Hal Harder worshipful master

  2. MA1112-Secretary Post author

    The following comment was sent via email to me. I’m adding it here for all to see.

    Robert M. Schvey
    10:57 PM (11 hours ago)

    A wonderful, thoughtfully-written passage.

    There are those of us who believe that God will not do for us what we can already do for ourselves.

    We have the strength, the brains, the imagination and the ideas to bring the Craft — and our community — to where it should be. Bring it up to where it needs to be.

    But do we have the will? Do the Brothers really want to do what we know needs to be done to strengthen our Lodges, make them relevant to the men of the 21st Century (or the 20th Century, for that matter)?

    Will we do what our Brothers of the past have done and get out of our chairs and bring the example of our Gentle Craft out into the community by example?

    Praying is good. It can bring us good thoughts.

    Action is better. We need to pick ourselves up, makes our Lodge meetings and Lodges worthwhile, and step out into the community and get involved as Masons.

    Thank you RW Bennett for getting the thoughts started.

    RW Robert M. Schvey, PDDGM


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