President’s Message – November 9, 2016

My Brothers,

As a reminder, for the months of November and December, the Association meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month vice the fourth Wednesday due to the holidays. I noticed looking through several Trestle-Boards that it was listed as TBD or not at all. The November meeting is on the 16th at William B. Barnett Lodge No 187 (supper at 6:30 and meeting at 7:30) when we will be discussing nominations for officer positions in the Association. December’s meeting is the 21st at Oceanview Lodge No 408 where we will be electing and installing our 2017 Association Officers. WMs please inform the Craft of our meetings and encourage them to join us in fellowship.

For those Lodges wishing to host a meeting in 2017, if you have not done so already, should contact W:. Bruce Hill (Assoc. Vice President) and see what months he has left available, if any.

W:. Dave Thomas
11th & 12th District Masonic Assoc.

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