President’s Message – November 28, 2016

My Brothers,

As was brought up at the end our November meeting, attendance and involvement seems too have dropped off. We had 59 Brothers in attendance that night, certainly not one of our better attended meetings. I know there are those that would say they forgot we moved it to the third Wednesday on November and December. There are those that would say they were preparing for the holidays and could not attend. My Brothers it is disappointing to not being afforded the opportunity to fellowship with so many of you Brothers as we have in the past. I would hope if you did not attend the November meeting that you give us the opportunity on December 21st (first day of winter by the way) to “Break Bread” and fellowship with you. That being said I would like to invite EVERY BROTHER within our respective present (11th & 12th) and future (8th & 9th) districts to join us on the third Wednesday in December for our last meeting of the year and to fellowship with one another again. We will be holding our annual election of officers followed by their installation. This will be preceded by some awards for Gavel attendance and recognizing our two new Masons of the Year.

Secondly, publish our meeting in your respective Trestle-Boards. Also, submit to have your Lodge’s activities on the Associations web site ( calendar. Email your activities (Degrees, Fund Raisers, Installations) to to have them included into the calendar. Currently December and January are essentially blank and I know there are one or two installations going to be happening around the district. We are bringing the site up to being current and relevant again. Anyway we hope to see as many Brothers from as many Lodges as possible in December.

W:. Dave Thomas
2016 President
11th & 12th Masonic Association

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