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2017 Masonic Association Meetings

2017 Masonic Association Meetings

January 25th Ribault Lodge No. 272

February 22nd Arlington Lodge No. 309

March 22nd Ionic Lodge No. 101

April 26th Orange Park Lodge No. 267

May 24th Stafford Caldwell Lodge No. 342

June 28th Callahan Lodge No. 32

July 26th William B. Barnett Lodge No. 187

August 23rd Ezra No. 126

September 27th J. Wendell Fargis Lodge No. 356

October 25th Hyde Park Lodge No. 370

November 15th Oceanview Lodge No. 408

December 20th Albert J. Russell Lodge No.126


I believe that being a worshipful master of any lodge is one of the toughest jobs a brother can pursue. The reason I believe this so strongly comes down to a simple principle; everyone who attends Lodge, or those who don’t attend Lodge regularly, has their own definition of what it means to be a good master.  Think about it, every brother has their very own personalized and polished concept of what a master should and should not do to be effective. And therein lies the problem, every Brother measures there master by their own definition. You could probably see where this is going.  Most every brother who has called me worshipful master has measured my calling by their definition.

This is why I believe a great number of masters are stricken with internalized anger, frustration, burnout, and cynicism. No, you’ll likely never see it, or at least you won’t see it until the bitter end it arrives, when he’s ready to resign and walk away.

Is every master bitter, angry, frustrated, and cynical? No of course not, but every master faces these discouraging cycles quite often throughout his year, and there is something you can do about it – yes there is something you can do, and you can start today.

Encourage your master, because I can promise you, you do not actually encourage him as much as you think you do. Your encouragement lives in your mind, but it rarely finds its way to your mouth. It’s human nature, and we all make the brutal mistake of encouraging someone in our minds but failing to encourage them with our words. Speak life into your masters bones and speak it often.

Give him permission to be the man God has called him to be without projecting into his life your definition of what his calling should be. Yes, you have leadership concepts that you believe are central to the lodge, and that’s good. However, your master is not going to fit precisely into your job description. Can you imagine having 47, or more!, different job descriptions? That’s manic, and yet it’s what a master deals with daily, so be easy on him. You can be the one person where, when his phone rings and he sees your name, he doesn’t think, good gosh. What now?

I can promise you, your master is a good man. Yes, he’s imperfect, yet in all of his imperfections, he’s doing what he feels is best to lead you and your lodge toward a meaningful obligation. Be easy on him…

Samuel Bennett, PDDGM

Update on RW Wilmer T. Atwell


I visited with Nobel R.W. Wilmer T. Atwell today at Brooks Bartram room
#203. Wilmer asked me to let everyone know he misses them and that he is
doing his best to be back among us soon, God willing. He’s a firm believer
in abundant prayer. Wilmer has lost a lot of weight and speaks real soft,
but he enjoys visits from the craft. His new scheduled release is December
26th. His cell phone is nearby 904 318-1158

Fraternal Regards,
Sam Bennett, PDDGM
Chaplain, Morocco Shrine.