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More About A Name Change

There are basically two elements to consider for the new name. We have the WHAT and the WHERE. Currently, the what is “Masonic Association.” We had this name since about 2010. This name was chosen by the craft because it was thought the old name caused confusion on the part of younger Masons about what the organization was all about and whether or not they were allowed to attend. Previously the name was “Masters and Wardens.” which name existed since the late 1980’s. Furthermore, people who were not Masons back in the 80’s have called it Masters & Wardens without the “Association” to this day. So, this initiative to change the name seems to me a good time to consider changing the WHAT back to “Master & Wardens” with a modifier to designate location.

Now, for the modifier, or location designation, the WHERE. There have been a few recommended in the previous post below. Due to the redistricting legislation to become effective after the next Annual Grand Lodge Communication in May we will no longer be the 11th and 12th Districts. We’ll instead become the 8th and 9th Districts. So, we have to change this part of the name. Here are the suggestions made so far.

Northeast Florida | NEFL | River City | Jacksonville | Bold City |

First Coast | 1st Coast | 8th & 9th Districts

Other thoughts are that we are welcoming other lodges further west into our new districts and some of them might not identify with the various names for the city of Jacksonville or even the 1st Coast. Additionally, St. Augustine has a lodge that identifies with several of the names and it is not in our districts. One brother pointed out the we might upset Pittsburgh with Bold City (tic). Also, consider the length of the name for correspondence and writing checks. Shorter is better in this case. Most importantly, if we drop a reference to the districts, we won’t be forced to make a bylaws change the next time the Grand Lodge decides to make changes to the districts. I’ve been a Mason for only 25 years and without moving, I’will have been in 3 different districts as of this latest legislation due to redistricting.

We will likely be balloting on this name change at the next 11th and 12th Districts Masonic Association Meeting. If you have thoughts to share I would suggest commenting on this post, or attending the next meeting to express your views on the topic. You may comment here by clicking this link, “Leave a Reply“.

Contributed by; RW Patrick Farrell


Here below is the dialog I captured from our group on FB in relation to the discussion at the monthly meeting last night. I’ve captured the dialog just to make sure to get some of the members thoughts on a new name. I’ll post separately the summary of these comments.


Name Change – Masonic Association 11th and 12th Districts by secjaxmasons on Scribd

Contributed by: RW Patrick Farrell