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How are we doing?

Hello Brothers,

I thought I’d share a little information with you about this website. As you can see by the chart above our traffic varies significantly from day to day. The traffic monitoring software tracks unique visitors to the website and shows what page they viewed. It doesn’t identify the individuals but does make sure they are logging in from different IP addresses.

We have been up and running since April with the WordPress site and it’s been received very well as judged by the comments I’ve heard from brothers in my travels around the State. Over the last 3 months we are averaging 1200 visitors a month. One visitor can view the site each day and be counted for each day but only for that day. Our highest day was 165 and that was when we first posted an article and notified the world that we are here. You might wonder how that came about.

When an article, such as the notes from the latest meeting, is posted, I send an email including a link back to our pages to which is then forwarded to approximately 289 people. I then post the URL to Facebook (several Masonic Groups), Twitter & a couple other social networks. This activity brings our website to the attention of several hundred if not a few thousand brothers all over the world, but mainly here in North Florida. There may be a more optimum interval for sharing and email the notifications. Thus far I have just blasted them all out immediately after posting the article.

I tell you this for a couple reasons. First and foremost I want you to understand that it’s not by dumb luck that we share the news about what we do. It takes some planning and action. Second, I’m emphasizing the use of social media. We, as a fraternity, are very much behind the power curve on these technologies. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you owe it to yourself and your lodge to educate yourself. One of the biggest problems we keep talking about in our lodges is the aging membership and therefore the loss of membership. Young men are interested in what we know and what we do. But, they have very little patience for our own fear of change in our communications technologies. It’s not complicated but you have to start somewhere.

To start, you might have to have a reason. What might that be? Well, if you are looking to attract young men into the fraternity it would seem that you have to be able to communicate with them. So, the intelligent course would be to learn how best to do that. Technology is the best method to get their attention. When they are looking for the lodge to learn more, what works better? An aging sign posted near the door with a phone number that leads to an answering machine? Or, shiny new sign with a website or QR code that leads to contact that will respond within hours or even minutes?

Do you have a website for your lodge? Who updates it? Have you looked at it lately yourself? Does it have current information on it? Are there links to Grand Lodge on it? Is there a way to promptly contact someone from your lodge? Does your website have a section to address the real concerns of someone seeking information about our fraternity?

Thoughts? Comments?

Patrick Farrell, PDDGM
2012 Junior Grand Deacon
Secretary, Masonic Association
11th and 12th Districts
“Let’s Learn To Communicate Better Together”